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Frequent Questions

Q. Why does Social Security Administration take so long to make a decision?

A. A disability case must be thoroughly evaluated before a decision can be made. Sometimes the evaluation can take months. To fully and properly develop the record of the case, the SSA painstakingly gathers as much information as possible so that an informed decision can be rendered.

Q. If the worker's compensation insurance carrier tells me I do not have a worker's comp case, can I file a claim for benefits anyway?

A. Yes. The South Carolina Worker's Compensation Commission is the judicial body that decides if a claim is compensable, i.e., should be paid. The insurance carrier is not going to give you objective advice about the merits of your claim. You should seek legal advice anytime you have a question about the merits of a claim.

Q. Do you accept referrals of legal cases?

A. All cases that are handled by the Calcutt Law Firm are referrals from our friends, including current and former clients; lawyers; doctors; and other medical professionals. We depend on you to help us by referring folks to us who may need legal help. All referrals are greatly appreciated.